Cirk’ Alors !

About The Show

Cirk’ Alors

Compagnie In Toto, Québec

04.27 – 11 h
Le Gesù, 1200 Rue de Bleury, Montreal
For kids and familes 3 years and over – non-verbal
45 minutes

Creator-performer: Thomas Niess
Music: Vincent Vergnais

CIRK’ ALORS : Miniature circus for the DIY clown.

Surrounded by the audience, a clown opens the doors of his big top. The performance combines humour with the smallest of gestures, making everything possible.

Cirk’Alors! takes spectators on a journey where the rules of the circus are revisited. Come closer, come closer – but keep an eye on the tiger all the same!

About Cie en Toto

Artistic Direction : Thomas Niess.
In toto : Latin expression meaning entirely, completely.

Cie In Toto’s vocation is the creation of live shows focusing on clowning, circus and theatre. Our artistic approach focuses on four main areas:

Young audiences: we believe that entertainment is a driving force behind children’s overall development.

Clowning and circus: it’s our language and it’s universal.

Offbeat thinking: we choose unusual angles and like to revisit codes.

Minimalism: we want to do a lot with a little, in a way that’s both economical and ecological.

Kids $15.00 (12 and under)
Adults $20.00