2017 Festival


​Joe: The Perfect Man

Rachelle Elie


Jess Brien

Tim and Joe present … Joe and Tim

Tim & Joe (Tim Tyler & Joe De Paul)

As You Wish

Maryline Chery

Gisèle vous reçoit chez ele

Évelyne Laniel

Cul de Sac

Par: Massimo Agostinelli, Marie-Claude Simard, Thomas Mahony, Andréa Hawkes, Audrée Papineau, Maud Gailloux, Vladislav Zolotarev, Joy Anna

Bambi & Boutchou, le spectacle de variété

Léa Philippe & Stéphanie Brisson

Juan upon at time

Juan Migama

La vie tragique des étoiles

Philippe Thibaudeau & Becky Priebe

I Heart Boomer

Rebecca Bauer


Les Foutoukours (Jean-Félix Bélanger & Rémi Jacques)

Hushabye – A Doomsday Comedy

Sizzle & Spark (Jed Tomlinson & Jacqueline Russell)


​Looking for a Feeling: A Study of Relations Between Clown and Mask and Land Connection
Megan Hyslop in english / en anglais
MainLine Gallery

PhD candidate Megan Hyslop shares her experience and practice in Pochinko Mask and Clown, and practising clown in nature, leading participants through exercises and a round table discussion about her research. “Nature as a world view, or interconnection and fluidity for the wellbeing of individuals, communities, and the land and all its elements, is held as paramount by many Indigenous cultures, including the old European ones. Communication with land takes place through listening as well as through a sensory and emotional plane (Watts, 2013; Buhner, 2004; Abrams, 2010) that engages our hearts, minds, and bodies. It situates humans in a learning place as the youngest, most stumbling beings in creation (Geniusz, 2015).

​”I believe that art, and specifically clowning, is a powerful way to connect with the dynamic, interconnected core concept of land and all its relations. ” – Megan Hyslop