New Recipes


New Recipes

MTL Clowns In partnership with MainLine Theatre

04.25 – 19 h 30

MainLine Theatre, 3997 boul Saint-Laurent
In French and English
1.5 hours

MC Alec Jones-Trujillo
12 participants TBA

The Montreal Clown Festival is pleased to return to its roots at the home of the St. Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival to present a cabaret of new work, “New Recipes” featuring 12 brave clowns.

Under the direction of Gabe McKinney (Director, Old God; Spiegelworld; Dell-Arte graduate and guest teacher), 12 performers will develop short new works for the opening night of the 4-day Clown festival after a same-day, high-stakes workshop.

Performers: Step right up!

What: 12 participants – split into 2 groups of 6
Cost: 50$ for workshop
When: April 25,  10 h-13 h / 14 h-17 h
Pre-requisites: Come with a 5-minute turn or idea you have never performed before
Coaching/Direction by Gabe McKinney


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TICKETS & SHOW – MainLine Theatre
3997 Saint-Laurent / coin Duluth

PICK YOUR PRICE: $7, $10, $15, $20, $25