Walter ego

About The Show

Walter EGO
L’Aubergine, Québec

For Kids!

04.28 – 12 h
Le Gesù, 1200 Rue de Bleury, Montreal
All ages – non-verbal
55 mins

When the unexpected happens…

Monsieur Walter lives his life alone in his little home.
One morning, his daily routine is turned upside down…
Catapulted into a surreal world,
propelled into a series of bizarre adventures,
Walter’s adventures are out of this world
and even an unexpected encounter with his Alter Ego!

Literally juggling Magritte’s universe, this playful clown creation by L’Aubergine is an invitation to the world of dreams and all things possible. Music, surprises, fantasy and antics: happiness guaranteed! 


Kids $20.00 (12 and under)
Regular $25.00

Original idea and direction: Véronika Makdissi-Warren
Assistant Director: Mélissa Bouchard
Written by: Véronika Makdissi-Warren, Benoît Lemay, Mylène G. Lemieux, Mélissa Bouchard
Performed by: Benoît Lemay et Mylène G. Lemieux
Set and lighting design by: Christian Fontaine
Costume design by: Huguette Lauzé
Music by: Marc Vallée
Juggling consultant: Yohann Trépanier



Benoît Lemay