A Beautiful Dutli-Duu Day A Parody/Macbeth BBQ

MacBeth BBQ: Une tragédie clownesque végétarienne

MacBeth BBQ: Une tragédie clownesque végétarienne
Bad Clown et Shirley (Marseille-Montréal)
15 min
Original idea by Michelle Cajolet-Couture (Bad Clown)
Direction and interpretation: Annick Premont (Shirley) and Michelle Cajolet Couture
With the participation of guests in the role of the pig and the butcher
Live music: Martin Parisien

The king Macbeth and his wife, the queen Lady Laylay, have invited their neighbors for an indulgent BBQ in the backyard of their suburban bungalow. On the menu are tasty delicious and juicy sausages from Banquo, their trusty pet pork. Cheers and let’s enjoy the summer meat! We mean heat!

MacBeth BBQ is a quebecois flavoured clown adaptation of the banquet scene of Shakespeare’s Macbeth (act 3, scene 4).

Clown Triple Bill!
All Ages

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09.20 18:00-19:00
09.22 16:00-17:00
Mainline Theatre: 3997 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal

A Beautiful Dutli-Duu Day

Jan Dutler
Directed by: Francine Côté & James Keylon, Jan Dutler & Mona Eliceiry
Run time: 20 min

Clown, physical theatre, magic, mime and music

Dutli-Duu spends an ordinary day in his apartment wondering what to do, until he receives an unexpected phone call; a last minute invitation to perform at the Montreal Clown festival …wow what a day!

A Parody – Alicia Payne (Toronto)

10 min

Wake up. Eat. Go to work. Repeat. What could go wrong?
It’s not easy being single and overworked. With a feathered-friend for company, mornings are anything but routine.