Le Ciel Rue

About The Show

Le Ciel Rue; Toxique Trottoir

Marie-Hélène Côté, Muriel de Zangroniz & Dominique Marier

Le Ciel is a dream for the awakened, a continuum of strange, visual associations where time and logic do not apply. In a cascade of choreographed scenes, optical illusions and magical effects unfurl with a clownarts twist. A poem without words, Le Ciel rue knows no bounds but those of the imagination.

30 Minutes
All Ages

BILLED with Rosa & Lucho
14 sept 19:15
15 sept 16:30
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Toxique Trottoir

Founded in 2004 by three theatre women, Muriel de Zangroniz, Dominique Marier and Marie-Hélène Côté, Toxique Trottoir invests public space to create shows and festive interventions for unusual encounters and dialogue between artists and citizens. The company engages with the audience in an original way through interactivity and by appealing to spect-actors. This encounter, in between theatre and clown arts, poetry and absurdity, reshapes our connection to everyday life, to the city, and to the performance.