Mme Brûlé​

About The Show

Mme Brûlé
by Empire Pagaille

Called in for a last-minute replacement in class 503 at l’École des Petits Travailleurs, Mrs. Brûlé is euphoric at the idea of getting her first work contract. However, her enthusiasm quickly gives way to panic when she realizes that she is in fact the fourth substitute of the year and that her arrival in the class coincides with the annual parents’ meeting, during which she must hand in report cards. Finding no evaluation or report card, Mrs. Brûlé sets out to go through all the concepts of the year in one day. Lack of preparation and authority, defective furniture, an unsympathetic principal, dissipated students: chaos quickly ensues in the classroom. On the verge of a nervous breakdown, Mrs. Brûlé clings to one hope: to change the world one child at a time!

10.01 16h-15h15
Le Gesù, 1200 Rue de Bleury, Montreal
French, but very accessible for non-French speakers / 14 +

18 $ Regular
31 $ Two shows same night

About Empire Pagaille

Moving between theatre, improvisation and street entertainment, it was following her training at the Francine Côté School of Clown and Comedy (2015) that Évelyne found her true passion: physical comedy. Her solo creations presented across Canada and in France criticize our systems and highlight our failings like a magnifying mirror through: laughter, physical play and theatre of objects. Alongside her creations, she acts as an outside eye on various projects and directs the show La Rébellion du Minuscule at the Théâtre du Renard. In addition to the stage, Évelyne has been a therapeutic clown for the Dr. Clown foundation since 2017.