2019 Triple bill


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09.20 19h15-20h15  / 09.22 17h-18h
Mainline Theatre: 3997 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal

HERCINIA ARTS COLLECTIVE : Emily Hughes (co-creator); Emma Kerson; Natalie Parkinson (co-creator)

10 min / non verbal

“Where’s the Water!?”, Money Fish are a zany acrobatic trio of fish-like synchronized swimmers – on land! Seriously silly in matching gold swimsuits, green swim caps & flippers, the Money Fish have prepared their world class dance-acrobatic synchro routine for this special audience presentation… there’s just one thing missing.

Money Fish – Hercinia Arts Collective (Toronto)

Étienne Bordeleau
15 min / French

Through clown, mime, and physical acrobatic act, this character comes to life by trying to push the limits of imagination with the objects around him. A boy who stands in a waiting room can wait no longer, he has already spent hours on these uncomfortable and hard chairs. He has completed all the crossword puzzles in the room and doesn’t know how to pass the time, all he has is .. 6 chairs, a couple magazines, and some time to kill.

L’Attente – Étienne Bordeleau (Montréal)

Vous Êtes Ici – Roccio Vadillo (Montreal)

Roccio Vadillo (Montréal)

30 min / French

“Vous êtes ici” offers in a comic and poetic way a reflection on the capacity that we all have to reinvent ourselves and to make a new start with the suitcases of our past. A universal story, for all audiences.

A show where emotion, laughter and tears mix; theater, clown, poetry and flamenco come together to take us on a journey into the world of the protagonist.