Thank God for Tim & Joe

About The Show

Thank God for Tim and Joe
by Tim and Joe

In Thank God for Tim and Joe, two cabaret stars unite as a duo on their lifelong quest for their Big Break. The Montreal Clown Festival presents a hilarious show incorporating circus skills, physical comedy and … Jazz. We grow to love this amazing duo as they confront their fears, dare to listen to their hearts and follow their dreams.

10.01 22h-23h15
Le Gesù, 1200 Rue de Bleury, Montreal
Bilingual / all ages

29.50 $ Regular
(25$ + fees)
47.20 $ Two shows same night
(40$ + fees)

About Tim and Joe

​Tim Tyler 6’4” from Australia and Joe De Paul 4’10” from Canada form an irresistible duo after 30 years of clowning as soloists internationally in circus’s, theatres and cabarets; Palazzo Europe, Teatro Zinzanni Seattle/Chicago/San Francisco, Cirque Du Soleil to name a few. They contrast physically but have much in common, combining their talents and an absurd sense of humour. Just the sight of them makes you laugh. Imagine slapstick and circus skills with the good the looks of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.

Joe De Paul is a veteran of numerous Cirque du Soleil productions, beginning with his clown debut in “Dralion”. Joe’s unique physical comedy has brought him critical acclaim as both director and performer in circuses, cabarets and festivals worldwide.

Tim Tyler has performed around the planet. Audiences, whether in the chic Varieté theatres of Europe or even at several Royal Command Performances, have simply not been able to resist the immaculate and perfectly enchanting Tim Tyler.