The Quest & Bruit

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The Quest – Debajehmujig (Wikwemkoong)
30 min

The Clowns have noticed there is something wrong with the water, she is not being treated properly. The clowns go on a quest to find the seven Anishinaabe values because it is these values that can restore the water. The values are: patience, compassion, truth, trust, honour, respect and love. Things are complicated by the fact that they must teach humanity about these values again so that the water can remain pure once it has been healed.

A Collective Creation by Debajehmujig Storytellers
(Samantha Brennan, Ashley Manitowabi, Sheldon Mejaki, Bruce Naokwegijig, Daniel Recollet, Sheila Trudeau)
Directed by Bruce Naokwegijig at Debajehmujig Storytellers
Developed with John Turner, at The Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance
Workshopped with Sonja Rainey (Set and Prop development) and Miriam Cusson (dramaturgical coaching)

Clown double bill!
All ages

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09.21 18:30-19:30
09.22 19:30-20:30
Mainline Theatre: 3997 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal
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Bruit – Philippe Thibaudeau (Montreal)

30 min

Avoiding a cacophonous world that overwhelms him, Philidor isolates himself alone at home in silence. From there, he tries everything to create a place where harmony can be omnipresent. In a not-so-distant future, he finds himself despite all at the heart of a reality which he cannot grasp. Because between being in complete control and completely losing control, there is just a single mishap.