The Woe’s of Living a Life in Peril

About The Show

“I will never forgive. I will never forgive. I will never forgive.” Desolita has had a tough year. She lost her job, her spider died and she grows older and closer to the grave. Is this the year she will conquer her fears? Will she live her dreams? Will she drink tepid lemon water upon waking? This could be her big year, or her worst. As always she is accompanied by her bosom friend, Crow. “I breathe in self worth, I breathe out self criticism “.

The Woe’s of Living a Life in Peril
15 Minutes
All Ages

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Nicole Ascroft

Nicole Ascroft has has been clowning for over 10 years, having studied extensively with Michael Kennard, John Turner and Karen Hines. She has created a toured a solo show called “Spinning Thread” and a sketch show called “Sunny Side Up” . She was the 2015 Manitoulin Creation and Performance Artist in Residence. She is also a graduate of the Second City Conservatory and can be seen performing her favourite clown, Desolita, around Toronto.