Dancing Queens

À propos du spectacle

Découvrez Les Dancing Queens : Max, Josie et Kaitlin, un trio d’artistes enflammées qui interpréteront pour vous leurs numéros de danse préférés! Trois femmes talentueuses. Trois genres et leurs looks emblématiques. Un spectacle époustouflant! Malheureusement, quelques jours avant le spectacle, Kaitlin a déboulé les escaliers et a dû être remplacée d’urgence. La seule personne disponible aussi rapidement était Paul-Émile Pomerleau, un adorable ami super excité à l’idée de faire partie de cette troupe… mais qui n’a aucune expérience en danse. Qu’est-ce qui pourrait mal tourner?

Les Dancing Queens
Français et Anglais
15 Minutes
Tout âge

BILLED with Beaver Dreams/La Fièvre du Castor
13 sept 20h15 – Billets
14 sept 20h30 – Billets
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Créé en collaboration avec Francine Côté et interprété par Maxine Segalowitz, Josiane Proteau et Éric Ménard

Éric Ménard

Éric has been seriously interested in clowning from the day he attended a Patch Adam’s conference in 2003 while he was studying music in CEGEP. Few years later, he discovered the Montreal Dr Clown organization and it’s official clown trainer, Francine Côté. In 2007, he started his clown journey with the initiation course given by Francine Côté Clown and Comedy School, and then been invited to follow with the professional training. Through the years, he did all the school main workshops from Clown 1 to 4 and some more, ending up with doing Clown Lab twice, first in 2016 and again in 2018 for it’s last edition. Éric is very passionate about everything, especially performing arts and spreading joy.

Maxine Segalowitz

Maxine Segalowitz is an emerging dance artist in Tio’tia:ke, commonly known as Montréal. Since completing her BFA in Contemporary Dance from Concordia University, she has nestled herself into Montreal’s performance and movement communities as a dancer, choreographer and clown. With her recent completion of Clown 1-4 and Creation Lab 2018 at Francine Côté’s Clown and Comedy School, she’s seeing the world in clown and has been performing her new solo, CabareTails, all over town. As a creator, she is a company member with sketch group TEAM GRECO, and contemporarily has just completed a summer residency at Studio 303 and Queer Performance Camp researching her solo-show SEXPECTATIONS, which highlights comparisons between strip club clientele and show audiences. With collaborator Be Heintzman Hope, she has co-taught/facilitated for The Pleasure Model: A voice, movement, choreography workshop series for professional dancers and those who dance for pleasure. She is thrilled to be performing in the MTL Clown Fest and to be continuing working the Josiane and Éric!​

Josiane Proteau

Josiane is a graduate from 2014’s promotion at the professional theater school of the College-Lionel Groulx, in Interpretation. She is very active in the cultural community, going from the theater scene to the street theater, performing her own ambulants characters. Living art is what interest her the most because she can connect directly with her public. With the desire to improve her technique, she completed all the clown workshops at Francine Côté’s clown and comedy school starting from 2014 to 2018. Let’s mention that she also took various workshops like mime, physical theater, dubbing, and shadow theater. She plays, write and create her own characters and costumes. She is involved in a social clown collective here in Montreal and she’s been active with Clowns Without Borders for four years, organizing a clown project in a native community in Abitibi. She also joined Geshundheit Institute!, with Patch Adam, two times in 2014 and 2017 for a social clown project with the Natives in Iquitos, Peru.