About The Show

Inside Ethel: OUTSIDE

NACS (Not Another Clown Show), Toronto

04.28 – 13 h 30
Le Gesù, 1200 Rue de Bleury, Montreal
All ages – non-verbal
45 mins

A story of loneliness and old age trauma that keeps Ethel sheltered inside her constrictive world as she lives through a pandemic. Inside Ethel: Outside is the story of Ethel as she is finally able to leave her bedsit for the first time to discover a pandemic world devoid of others. She is enchanted by what she finds – Gloves! Masks! Bottles of Purell! Still, she needs to find her son.

Writer/Performer/Producer: Christine Moynihan
Director: John Turner
Guest Artist: Natalie Breton



Regular $25.00


Christine Moyihan

Photo 1 Lyon Smith; Photo 2 Maylynn Quan