Rosa And Lucho

À propos du spectacle

Comedy of puppets, dance and clown show that explores diverse possibilities of bodies and objects, proposing other visual perspectives or confusion in the order of the anatomy. Laughs end with the expectation… Where is the sky? Where the ground? What is the head? Which feet?
Rosa And Lucho
Gagnant du Grand Imbécile 2017
Ivan Pavel Eterovic Diaz
15 Minutes
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BILLED with Le Ciel Rue
14 sept 19h15 Billets
15 sept 16h30 Billets
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Iván Pavel Eterovic Díaz

Iván Pavel Eterovic Díaz is an artist born in the Chilean Patagonia, where he began his activities in performing arts guided by independent companies from the city of Punta Arenas. He studied dance and theater in the Valparaíso. After investigating the street art in that area, he undertook a tour of Latin America in search of knowledge in disciplines such as dance, theater, puppets and circus. He has collaborated theatrically with groups in Chile, Argentina, Cuba, Mexico and Canada. He currently resides in Guadalajara, is a collaborator of the company M8 Danza, continues his activity in the circus arts with the company Circo Dragón and is developing his theatrical project « La casa de Rosa y Lucho ».